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« La fine fleur de la programmation francilienne » s’est donné rendez-vous le 12 mai dernier au Printemps de l’Innovation Open Source à l’occasion d’une série d’ateliers sur les langages et outils pour la fiabilité logicielle.
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Palaiseau (91), 10 March 2016 – The “Cluster Management Excellence Label” highlights the organisational excellence of Systematic and of the operating methods set up to ensure a high level of performance.
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A big success of the AGESYS BGLE- Project ! : Systems engineering workbench dedicated to embedded systems, for all industrial sectors including aeronautics, railway, automotive.


10/11/2016 - 10/12/2016
Systematic Paris-Region (ICT & Health) is partner of the 2016 edition of the International Congress of the E-health in Medical research (e-Health Research). The Inserm (E4N) team, the CGI and all the partners of the event invites you the 11th and 12th october 2016 in the university international City of Paris.
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