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24 mois
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7 585 K€
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2 709 K€
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Trust and security in large transactional systems – Cybersecurity and fraud prevention
Description :

The main goal of the TISPHANIE project is to propose a systematic and structured methodology, together with the related tools and evaluation process enabling the concerned users (MNOs, application developers, police laboratories, civil security operators) to assess rapidly the security of all major components embedded in personal devices (mobile handsets, PDAs, netbooks, PMR terminals) for critical or value-added applications.

Les données

Produit :
3 : Nouveaux mécanismes de protection de terminaux PMR ; première version du produit logiciel TEE (Transaction Execution Environment) ; virtualisation logicielle
Publication :
The project has currently produced a first set of deliverables including: • the definition and qualification of assets to be protected • the definition of threats, attack strategies and possible countermeasures in modern handsets and PMR terminals • the evaluation of most popular cryptographic algorithms used in 2G/3G networks A partnership is under discussion for the evaluation of handsets used for the deployment of mobile NFC services in the City of Nice.
Job création :
• PRISM : Ce projet a permis de financer 5 stages ingénieur, un postdoc et un ingénieur, et une thèse est en préparation