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Appel à projet :
FUI 13
Statut :
en cours
Groupes Thématiques :
Date de fin de projet :
Durée :
36 mois
Montant total :
9 456 K€
Montant aide :
3 752 K€
Axe :
Description :

• To develop a new serveur hosting 16 processors and up to 21 Terabytes of memory, whose coherecy is ensured with a dedicated ASIC.This server aims at applying "in-memory computing".
• Rely on this quantitative advance to drive a qualitative breakthrough on Business Intelligence and Service Management applications, in the Industrial and scientific areas.

Les données

Publication :
• A first server with 4 Terabytes memory has been made available to partners for their software developments. Ways to develop algorithms taking benefit of the mass memory are being worked. Specifications from end users have been issued.