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FUI 13
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en cours
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36 mois
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2 776 K€
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1 092 K€
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Development tools
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Development projects support enterprise innovation strategy. In the current, bleak, and unpredictable economy, with resources constrained, projects estimate and progress measurement are key factors of success.
• ProjEstimate is a platform where a company can organize all project estimates (processes, models, repository).
• ProjEstimate allows (among other things) to semi-automatically evaluate the size of the software, to provide estimation models of last generation, to benchmarking, ...
• The Open Source (Web 2.0) and collaborative approach allow to promote mutual assistance, sharing knowledge, support, training ...

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ProjEstimate.org : The ProjEstimate public forge with collaborative features allowing to manage developers community and share code. • A web Open Source application with the capability to: • - manage users • - store project information other the time • - run multiple estimation method • - define organizational estimation process • - help/automate Function Point count • - develop new estimation model • A benchmarking repository for estimation data • A set of community services around estimation

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