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Appel à projet :
Statut :
en cours
Groupes Thématiques :
Durée :
30 mois
Montant total :
700 K€
Montant aide :
305 K€
Axe :
Social and societal aspects, Social and Human  Sciences
Description :

• NOTSEG - Standardization and Societal Security
• Standardization, a major sector of the economy, henceforth formulates rules concerning the security for citizens.
• Field of concerned standards: security management, information, coordination, communication and command systems, doctrine of use of technologies (NRBC, video surveillance)
• Providing a state of art in the field of societal security management standardization for industrials and public authorities.
• Providing a comparative analysis of major standards.
• Analysing bodies and conformity assessment activities including certification and accreditation.
• Proposing a classification of standards and concepts related to security management.

Les données

Publication :
• Taking part in the issuing of standards at an international level (ISO TC223 and CEN TC 391). • Supporting public authorities concerning specific topics such as business continuity and crisis management. • Publishing in professional journals and editing of a book. • Organizing an international conference (2012), taking part in scientific and professional conferences.