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FUI 12
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en cours
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24 mois
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3 036 K€
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1 352 K€
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Trust and security in large transactional systems – Cybersecurity and fraud prevention
Description :

MARSHAL+ focuses on the conception of effective, reliable means to guarantee the secrecy of sensitive software running in embedded environments. This relates to several categories of scientific expertise, ranging from hardware design and countermeasures to low-level de-compilation and software obfuscation techniques. MARSHAL+ intends to collect a number of good practices among experts in these fields and to rely on their industrial know-how and/or research capabilities to come up with a clear understanding of what can be done to thwart reverse-engineering and make secure systems more resistant against this threat.

Les données

Publication :
A prototype of secure device implementing new techniques against reverse-engineering. In a typical use case, the device would perform access control to dedicated data by relying on cryptographic facilities and would involve a proprietary decompression algorithm. This prototype shall resist attacks targeting the recovery of cryptographic keys (SCARE/FIRE), and attacks targeting the intellectual property of proprietary software.