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en cours
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Durée :
28 mois
Montant total :
1 200 K€
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700 K€
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Human-Machine interfaces
Description :

Experimental works of the geDRIVER project (“Green and Efficient Driver”) aim at developing and validating the simulator for training to ecological driving according to 3 major topics within the “serious game” axis:
- To develop the models allowing analysing eco-driving and the follow-up of performances in a context of training using simulator, which latter logically follows training on real vehicle.
- To reinforce the interest of driving experience in order to to support the attractivity of training. For that, the project will draw from the experiments and the techniques already implemented in video games.
- To contribute to enrich knowledge in the field of validity of driving training simulators.

Les données

Publication :
• The project will produce and test prototypes/demonstrators allowing to: • integrate video "game"-based approaches and paradigms into "serious" automotive simulation • integrate new interactive visual and auditive guiding techniques • get real vehicle data (via CAN bus). • Demonstrations will be available for light vehicles' and trucks' drivers.

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