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Date de fin de projet :
Durée :
30 mois
Montant total :
17 636 K€
Montant aide :
6 206 K€
Axe :
Social and societal aspects, Social and Human  Sciences
Description :

The main purpose of the FC² project is to drive innovation in user-centric identity management through a cross sector vision. This resulted in two major types of objectives:
R&D objectives:
• Develop and validate a comprehensive and INTEROPERABLE set of architecture and software components, allowing new SECURE digital online services based on enhanced USER-CENTRIC identity management.
Implementations objectives:
• Propose and develop prototype experiments to evaluate the resulting BENEFITS for all players in the ecosystem.
• Investigate innovative governance and business models for a new TRUST framework incorporating privacy-enabled Identity Federation and allowing the seamless interconnection of Circles of Trust (CoT.

Les données

Produit :
Une trentaine de composants logiciels a haute valeur ajoutée sont en cours de commercialisation par les partenaires du projet Gemalto, CEV-Group et Xiring sont par ailleurs en phase de commercialisation des produits HW développés ou enrichis dans le cadre du projet (cartes e-ID pour Gemalto, Cartes Ville pour CEV, lecteurs pour Xiring)
Brevet :
Experimentation :
Several use cases have been developed in the project, representative generic, complex dematerialization scenarios for services pertaining to the e-government, regional, financial and telecommunication domains. Example of such use cases include: - • Subscription to e-city services - • City classical advertisements - • Opening new bank-account - • Mobile phone subscription - • Rent a car - • e-government service subscription - • Fixed or mobile e-commerce - • Rent a bike plus mobile geolocalization - • Judicial enquiry - The setting-up of these scenatrios have done in close cooperation with either national Agencies (such as the ANTS), local city-administrations (city of Saint-Lô), external industrial partners (band and car rental companies), the Ministry of Inner Affairs and the Caisse des Dépôts (“CDC Numérique”).
Job création :
dont 40 dans les PME soit (GG : 2,5, PME 40,5- Instituts 2) Atos Wordline 1, CEV 3 ; Constructive Card 1,5 ; EADS 1,5 ; Entrouvert 2 ; Ilex 1 ; SmartTesting 6 ; Xiring 2 ; Dictao a trouvé un créneau particulièrement spectaculaire d’application des résultats du projet (ouverture des paris en ligne) qui lui permet d’afficher 25 nouveaux emplois créés, tous directement ou indirectement reliés aux produits de signature développés dans le projet Par ailleurs Telecom Sud Paris a pu embaucher 2 PhD grâce au projet
Business creation :
The research and technology concepts as well as the components developed in the project are now on the full exploitation path. Besides inclusion of these concepts or components in the direct product offer from the industrial partners (including the 9 SMEs member of the consortium), a large national initiaitive has been launched with “CDC Numérique”) to preprae the deployment of a mutualized e-Identity infrastructure targeting especially local administrations (cities, regional councils). This initative is fully endorsed by the System@tic Paris-Région, SCS and Pôle-Tes competitiveness clusters.