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WEB 2.0
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12 mois
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391 K€
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176 K€
Axe :
Web 2.0 and 3.0
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• The goal of Data Publica is to stimulate the development of Internet and mobile applications by simplifying the access of developers to public and private data and metadata. The project is developing a market place where companies and public organizations can publish their metadata and access to the data and the license under which they make it available, and application developers can access the metadata to imagine the applications they can build and access the data to run their application. The market place will also provide standard licenses to publish data and tools to extract and present datasets.

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Produit :
Data Publica has developed a service of customized dashboards that the company selll today and which is using the open data directory developed during this project. Data Publica also provides an innovative service of customed datasets. For those who need specific datasets about any domain: Data Publica identifies the sources, extract and transform data in order to product fresh and qualified datasets.
Publication :
• The project will deliver a first version of the platform, used by a set of data publishers, a set of developpers. It will provide the main tools necessary for publishing and browsing, the set of licences and an initial set of data.
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Data Publica

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