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en cours
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Durée :
36 mois
Montant total :
21 195 K€
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7 453 K€
Axe :
Software engineering
Description :

The objective of the AGeSys project is the development of a systems engineering workshop dedicated to embedded systems, for all industrial sectors without restriction.
• This workshop is made of open, integrated tools that allow a model based design of embedded systems and software, and coupled with multi-physics models.
• The objective is to allow an industrial process with a clean definition of the system/software/hardware steps

Les données

Publication :
Development of 3 annual versions of the workshop at the end of each yearly period of the project. • Industrial use cases set up by aerospace, automotive and railway mayor players • Dissemination by the french competitiveness poles that are partners of the project through the organization of annual « AGeSys Days ».