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en cours
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Duration :
36 mois
Total amount :
16 885 K€
Aid amount :
7 154 K€
Main program :
Software engineering
Description :

The software has become the engine of innovation for all embedded systems: it is a vital component of industrial competitiveness. It must now fullfil strong constraints regarding safety and time-to-market, unfortunatly these objectives is not achievable with current RTOSs.
• However, the RTOS PharOS, from CEA, has unique properties enabling a development that is both fast and safe by construction. Therefore the partners of ADN4SE project have decided to rely on the characteristics of PharOS technology in order to establish a top-down and seamless process, based on a continuous toolchain, matching their safety and time-to-market requirements

Les données

Publishing :
The outcomes of ADN4SE project are : - KRONO-DESIGN : graphical tool for timing design - KRONO-TEST : true real-time simulation tool - KRONO-SIZE : hybrid tool for WCET measurement - KRON-OS : real-time kernel formaly proven - connection between MATLAB, ARTISAN, PLC and PharOS technology - E-STONE : multi-domain drivers optimized for KRON-OS - use cases based on railway, automotive, robotics and lift applications

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